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Essay on Himalayas - Their Importance.

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Essay On Himalayan Mountains

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Best Essay on the Great Himalayas The Himalayas have been one of the dominant features of India. They are the abode of snow. Consequently they have long been known as the Himavan, Himadri, Himachal or the Himalaya.

Essay On Himalayan Mountains

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Free sample essay on The Himalayas. The Himalayas is perhaps one of the oldest mountains in the world. It has the tallest peak measuring about 28,000 feet from the sea level. Many attempts have been made to scale the peak, called the Everest.

Essay On Himalayan Mountains

What is the importance of the Himalayas?

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If we look at the map of the country, we find a long range of mountains in the North. They are Himalayas. They remain covered with snow throughout the year. They have some of the highest peaks of the world. In central India also we find big mountains. They are the Vindhayachal and the Satpura range. They separate Southern and Northern India.

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Nepal is a mountainous country. She is known as the land of the Himalayas. The Himalayas situated in the northern part of the country must have uplifted the identity and dignity of her. The high mountains in Nepal are covered with snow; but the lower parts of them are covered with grass and plants.

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Here is your Short Paragraph on the Himalayan Mountains ! The Himalayan Mountains are also known as the Himadri, Himavan or Himachal. The Himalayas consist of the youngest and the loftiest mountain chains in the world.

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Himalaya mountain is decorated like a crown on India's head of the land. The poets have addressed this as a symbol of an ardent ascetic and elevated symbol. Deserting the eastern and western seas, the goddess Himalaya is located in the north direction in the same mountain range as the monument.


The Himalayas are the body and soul of India. In a very special measure, the Himalayas constitute India’s national mountain system. The following few points will bring out the significance of the Himalayan Mountains to India. 1.

The Himalayas include over a hundred mountains exceeding 7,200 metres (23,600 ft) in height. By contrast, the highest peak outside Asia—Aconcagua, in the Andes— is 6,961 metres (22,838 ft) tall.(2) The Himalayas have profoundly shaped the cultures of South Asia. Many Himalayan peaks are sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism.


The Himalayan range is made up of three parallel ranges often referred to as the Greater Himalayas, the Lesser Himalayas, and the Outer Himalayas. Ecology: While intimidating mountains like Everest.

Essay On Himalayan Mountains

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The Himalayas are home to most of the tallest mountains on Earth. Tallest Mountain in the World I'm almost certain you've heard of Mount Everest, known as the tallest mountain in the world.

Essay On Himalayan Mountains

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Sample Term Paper on Himalaya Mountains of South Asia The Himalayas is one the highest points in South Asia with over 110 peaks. Its formation was as a result of the collision between two continental tectonic plates: the Indo-Australian and the Eurasian plates.

Essay On Himalayan Mountains

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The making of the Himalaya and major tectonic subdivisions; Geology of the Himalayan mountains; Birth of the Himalaya; Some notes on the formation of the Himalaya; Pictures from a trek in Annapurna (film by Ori Liber) Geology of Nepal Himalaya; South Asia's Troubled Waters Journalistic project at the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting.

Essay On Himalayan Mountains

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North of the Himalayas is the Tibetan Plateau. It is called “the roof of the world”. However, the Tibetan Plateau is very dry because the plateau and the mountains act as a gigantic rain shadow. The rain falls instead on the south side of the mountains.

Essay On Himalayan Mountains

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The things that you would find in Nepal would be Mt. Everest. It is part of the Himalaya mountain range, and on the border of Nepal and Tibet. The world’s highest peak above the sea level! It is the world’s highest most unreachable mountain. Mount Everest was formed about 60 million years ago to reach this high of a mountain.

Essay On Himalayan Mountains

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Himalayas, Nepali Himalaya, great mountain system of Asia forming a barrier between the Plateau of Tibet to the north and the alluvial plains of the Indian subcontinent to the south. The Himalayas include the highest mountains in the world, with more than 110 peaks rising to elevations of 24,000 feet (7,300 metres) or more above sea level.One of those peaks is Mount Everest (Tibetan.

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