The Impact of Facebook on Students' Academic Performance.

Effect Of Facebook On Academic Performance.

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Effects Of Facebook On Students Research Paper

Research Thesis (The Impact of Facebook Usage to the.

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking websites which has become a part of the daily routine for most college students. This has led to a question amongst researchers whether students’ use of this networking site influences their academic outcomes.

Effects Of Facebook On Students Research Paper

Impact of social media of student’s academic performance.

This study is based mainly on the student's perspective - the impact on students of using social networking tools and what effect it has on the traditional style of learning and teaching.

Effects Of Facebook On Students Research Paper

Effects of Facebook on Teenagers: Positive and Negative.

In the paper “Effects of social network on students’ performance: A web-based forum study in Taiwan” the researcher investigated the effects of social networks on the performance of students’ online education. They found that students who are more active on facebook have positive effect on their academic performance.


Regarding effect of social media, one third of the students (30.2%) thought that SM sites decrease friendship level, (73.0%) limit sport time, and has a negative effect on the learning process (62.

Effects of Facebook on the Academic Performance of.

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The Effect of Facebook on College Students’ Study Habits.

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Facebook Addiction: A Study of Big-Five Factors and.

Why Research about this? Local Literature Conclusion Parnala, 2012 Questionnaire Other factors are not included Spending to MUCH Ople, 2011 lower attention span Wrong Information Teaches Multi-tasking Using Facebook During Class Scope and Delimitations Statement of the Problem.


Facebook has so many side effects that our students, as they may don’t know. Using Facebook means you are allowing other users to search you easily and your friends tag and bag you like an objects. Though it has some privacy measures but those are not enough and those users who exactly don’t know how to control their privacy.

Abstract: This research intends to examine how spending time on Facebook affect students' academic performance. It explores behavioural factors affecting students utilising Facebook. Questionnaires were personally distributed to 667 undergraduate and postgraduate students from the University of Malaya to determine their intentions for using Facebook, which will allow us to discern the symptoms.


Mangiatordi, 2011). Facebook use is nearly ubiquitous among U. S. college students with over 90% active participation among undergraduates (N. Ellison, C. Steinfeld, and C. Lampe, 2011). Even in the developed countries Facebook is widely access by students. This paper reviews the influence of Facebook in university students’ academic.

Effects Of Facebook On Students Research Paper

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook for students.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the example famous social network that becomes the best choice among the students, especially university students. Social network can defines as site of grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighbourhood subdivision.

Effects Of Facebook On Students Research Paper

Effects of Social Media on Student Academic Performance.

The effects of Facebook on academic performance have attracted both public and scholarly attention. Prior research found that Facebook use is linked to poor academic performance, suggesting that Facebook distracts students from studying. These studies, which are primarily based on.

Effects Of Facebook On Students Research Paper

Impact of Facebook on students -

Social media have had profound impacts on the modern world. Facebook, which remains by far the largest social media company, has 2.3 billion monthly active users worldwide (Facebook 2018). As of 2016, the average user was spending 50 minutes per day on Facebook and its sister platforms Instagram and Messenger (Facebook 2016).

Effects Of Facebook On Students Research Paper

The Facebook Effect: Good or Bad for Your Health.

This research study examines the effect of social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, on the purchasing habits of college students by testing for correlations between recommendations on social media and consumption patterns. Moreover, the research also examines the role of gender and social media usage frequency on consumption patterns.

Effects Of Facebook On Students Research Paper

The impact of Facebook usage on academic performance.

Also it is a latest trend of the youth, particularly high level students and the university students as well. This paper examines the usage of Facebook among university students and the influence it has on their academic performance. The impact of Facebook can either be good or bad on university students and their academic activities.

Effects Of Facebook On Students Research Paper

The Negative Effects of Facebook: Addiction, Social.

As long as students don’t become fanatics when it comes to gadgets, we don’t think that they could have a bad influence or a bad effect on students. The gadgets make our life better in many ways. Let’s take for example the cell phone, many of you are “lost” without it and when it comes to students this device is more than just a cell phone, is a chat opportunity, an Internet.

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