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Medical Marijuana and the Legalization Debate Essay.

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Medical Marijuana and the Legalization Debate Essay. Medical marijuana or medical cannabis can be defined as the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Marijuana itself is a drug that comes from the cut and dried leaves of hemp plant also referred to as cannabis sativa. Its most active ingredient is delta tetrahydrocannibinol. Throughout history marijuana has been used in many different.

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Marijuana Marijuana is a drug that has been used for thousands of years. Marijuana was used in ancient China, as far back as 5000 B.C. The Incan's and Mayan's used marijuana in religious ceremonies. Marijuana also has roots in this country. The Indians of the plains used marijuana in their peace pipes as a sign of friendship and peace. After prohibition there was a sharp rise in the use of.

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Legalization Of Marijuana Work Cited Essay. Anonymous Essay on Legalization of Marijuana Cannabis has been around since the dawn of mankind. It is said that the plant originated from Asia, perhaps on the slopes of the Himalayas or the Altai Mountains to the north. The exact origin, obscured by Stone Age trails that cross the continent is not known.


Legalizing Of Marijuana Work Cited. Legalizing Marijuana There are a multitude of reasons to use marijuana and there are just as many reasons to not use marijuana.The usage of marijuana can be both helpful and harmful. Now the general populace will go with pro legalizing marijuana.However little does society know that as soon as marijuana is legalized it will be taxable and eventually will.

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Some Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana by lifting the ban on marijuana use and treating it like other drugs such as tobacco and alcohol, the nation would gain immediate and long-term benefits. This change in the law would greatly improve the quality of life for many people. “Victims of glaucoma and those needing antinausea treatment, for example, would find marijuana easily available. If the.

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Peter Clark takes a thorough look at the situation of the legalization of medical marijuana. In doing so, Clark first cited the historical background of medical marijuana from a legal perspective according to DEA compliance policies and the enforcement of it. Evidence surrounding the medical uses of the drug was cited from notable physicians who have undergone studies. Clark also analyzed the.


The most obvious argument against prescribing medical marijuana to a patient is the simple fact that in many areas, marijuana remains illegal. In the United States this situation is compounded by the fact that certain states have legalized marijuana for medicinal and in some cases recreational use even as the federal government continues to classify marijuana as a Schedule I drug, meaning that.

Therefore, within the broad literature, the impairment of human memory is often cited in relation to marijuana use. In fact, over the years, since marijuana arose to become the widely used illegal substance in the developed world, the general human memory function has been studied in acute administration on several studies of marijuana to human being, and in some studies of long-term marijuana.


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Opinions on the Use of Marijuana Marijuana is the most widely used drug in the world today. Is marijuana as dangerous as it is made out to be. A large variety of different people have many different opinions depending on their professions. Many doctors disagree with each other and the subject is one of their most controversial topics. Also.

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Argumentative Essay On Legalizing Marijuana. Running head: Legalizing Marijuana Legalizing Marijuana Zack Summers Nashville State Community College Author Note This paper was prepared for Psychology 1030,taught by Professor Maggie Wharton, Fall 2014 Legalizing Marijuana Practical uses for marijuana, also known as hemp and cannabis, can be traced back as far as 2700 B.C. in China.

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Essay Instructions: I have not written my abstract, my topic is legalizing marijuana, so was hoping you could talk about why marijuana shoud be legal like economic,agicultral, how george washington smoked and grew it the decoration of independence was wrote on, how it cost more money the taxpayer are footing the bill for people locked up for possesion not manufacting distribution, just for.

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Type of papers. Admission. 4.3 million persons had marijuana dependence or abuse” (Drew cited in Hawkins, 2014). Legalization of marijuana would make smoking marijuana an integral part of the youth culture in the US. There would be negative effects on the academic and professional of the performance of people who openly smoke marijuana. Marijuana should not be legalized in the US because.

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